BisKIRAN INFOTECH safeguards the intellectual property rights associated with any software it develops. It is explicitly prohibited to engage in activities such as copying, altering, reproducing, reverse engineering, adapting, distributing, disassembling, or decompiling any component of the Service owned by BisKIRAN INFOTECH...

Terms and Guidelines:

Consent Requirement: Without the express written consent of BisKIRAN INFOTECH Pvt Ltd, any replication, reproduction, resale, or exploitation of any aspect of the Service is prohibited.

1. Unsolicited Communication:

Utilizing BisKIRAN INFOTECH's products to transmit unsolicited emails or spam messages is strictly prohibited.

2. Respect for Others' Rights:

The use of our products to infringe upon the rights of others is not permitted.

3. Virus Prohibition:

You are expressly prohibited from disseminating computer viruses or using this software to propagate them.

4. Error Disclaimer:

While BisKIRAN INFOTECH does not warrant error-free software, be assured that encountered errors will be promptly addressed.

5. Feedback and Suggestions:

We genuinely welcome your input regarding our products and services. It's important to note, however, that we may utilize your contributions without any obligation to provide compensation.

6. Prevention of Malicious Activities:

Activities such as uploading malicious code or viruses, or anything that could impair the functionality or appearance of our Products, are strictly forbidden.

Regarding These Terms:

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