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Why should you choose us ?

We’re a group of friendly, creative, and passionate individuals that love working together to serve our clients



In exploring your objectives, goals and USPs, we can begin to brainstorm solutions that work for you and your customers.



Knowing the market is the key to success. By auditing both you and your competitors, we forge the best possible strategy for your online identity



We use our knowledge to produce detailed plans describing where your new website, online store, or brand design will fit in the larger picture of your digital marketing strategy.



Sound technical development is the foundation of our products and services. Our developers are true tech specialists, who can solve any problem we throw at them.



Crafting the best in user experience is our forte – we design with a user’s mind. Everything we create is built to scale and prepared for future development.



There is no such thing as too much testing! Every link, button, heading, and form is fully trialled by real users, so there are no surprises on launch day.

Our Team

Alone you can do so little; together we can do so much.

To deliver a great Product, BisKIRAN's Platform has a unique workflow process that works to help build product easier, faster and more efficient.

Our Team

Our Design Process

Our comprehensive design strategy ensures a perfectly crafted product for your business.

Step One


Startup owners who want to build great products have different ideas of how they want their startup to be. At that point, they are basically just ideas waiting to come to life. Our workflow process ensures that these ideas are understood perfectly by our tech talent teams, the best fit teams chosen through the efficient automated process

Step Two


The importance of design sprint ensures that ideas are well tested with potential customers to be able to solve the problems or challenges that may be faced when the product is fully out to the market. With 3-5 days being used on the Brindocorp platform for design sprint planning, it allows for the chosen tech teams to understand the problem, ideate, decide, prototype and lastly test the product to get relevant feedback from users.

Step Three


Owners are involved in every stage of a product development process which is done seamlessly and with ease. Quite awesome! and that is why startup owners are focused on using our platform to build their products. From effectively being able to select a tech team which consists primarily of a Front end, Back end, Product Designer and a Product Manager, to the product being developed against the design, effective collaboration between the product owner and talent team to the product being fully ready for deployment

Step four


To have all the necessary steps, processes and activities ready for a product software or update to be available to its users is as great as it sounds. our talented team helps create efficient workflows that enable easier and faster deployment of product software updates that are accessible to users. Nevertheless, these teams can still help integrate other cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) so that products can still be deployed into live environments.

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